Stickers and marking products

Stickers are used to advertise, mark and guide.

Stickers are easy to use and inexpensive to purchase. The longest lasting stickers last for years even in difficult conditions. The stickers can be small or large, colorful or diverse, and if necessary, a three-dimensional lens varnish can be applied to their surface.

Sticker materials can be found with glossy and matte surfaces, transparent, removable adhesive, permanent adhesive, or equipped with extra strong adhesive for special objects. The stickers are suitable for gluing on, for example, plastic, metal, paint, tile and glass surfaces. Certain sticker qualities also adhere well to concrete, wood, painted walls and floor surfaces.

For stickers installed on the floor, it is recommended to install a protective lamination film specially intended for floor use, which increases the adhesion of the surface and the durability of the sticker.