Banners and fabric prints

Banners make visibility easy and cost-effective

Banners are a good option especially for events, campaigns and temporary visibility needs, both for indoor and outdoor use. Banners made of solid and mesh PVC fabrics or polyester fabrics are easy and inexpensive visibility tools. Banners intended for permanent advertising use are most commonly made on PVC fabrics. If it can be assumed that the banner will be exposed to the wind, it is worth choosing mesh PVC with approximately 30% of its surface area as the material. In outdoor use, the banners usually look good for 1-2 years.

Post-processing is done according to the requirements of the place where the banner is installed. The edges can be reinforced or, if necessary, installation alleys can be sewn to them. The sail rings commonly used in banners can of course be done according to the desired ring distribution and with rings of different sizes. Alternatively, ready-made fastening cords or loops can be sewn for installation.