Window and office taping

Harness the facade of your premises as an advertising tool

The strikingly taped store facade attracts and easily guides customers to the store. The store advertises itself to passers-by, in which case the store's location and the products and services it offers are remembered. Billboards and banners combined with taping provide additional visibility if there is not enough window space.

In addition to traditional tape materials, window tapings can be made transparent, printed on both sides, or with hole stickers. If necessary, the prints and tapes can be protectively laminated with a scratch protection film, so their surfaces can usually be cleaned from traces of possible scratches.

In order for the tapes to be clearly visible, the tapes should always be installed on the outside of the window panes. No exceptions should be made in this matter, except for items where it can be certain that the tapes will be vandalized. The tapes installed on the inside of the window are weak in contrast, so part of the effect of the advertisement is lost.

We make window tapes for the outer surfaces of windows in all seasons, even in severe frosts.